The eBay Seller’s Guide to Writing Effective Product Descriptions

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Aside from a good photo shot and a catchy title, an eBay item needs a good description in order to be sold. If you’re an eBay seller, the product description is an important factor in your listing that must never be overlooked. Let’s discuss why effective descriptions are important and how you can write better […]

How to Keep Up Your eBay Online Business

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Creating your own account at eBay is an easy step. The bigger challenge comes in keeping your eBay store alive and productive. Below are effective strategies for both old and new internet marketers who want to succeed: Educate yourself. Most new eBay sellers are not familiar with online marketing tools. This is okay and eBay […]

Why An eBay Seller Should Buy on eBay

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eBay is a place where buyers and sellers meet online and make transactions. As an eBay seller, being part of the community means not just selling your own stuff but being a customer as well. In this article, let’s talk about how buyers can affect your reputation as a seller and how purchasing on eBay […]

How to Start Selling on eBay

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Getting Started Selling Items On Ebay It is inspiring to learn that some of the most successful internet merchants today started out from selling small on eBay. Would you like to have your own online business? If yes, then why not take the first step by selling on eBay? If you’re not familiar with how […]

eBay Sellers – What Should You Sell?

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How To Be A Profitable Ebay Seller Each day, thousands of sellers from all over the world compete for the same market in eBay. With such a big competition to contend with, an eBay seller needs to be smart  in choosing what kind of product they sell, how much to sell it for, and the […]