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Don’t Forget To Promote Your Product Offline!

Home based dropship business owners are advised to research  new online marketing techniques so they can promote their businesses more effectively. If you’re an online dropshipper or online retail shop owner yourself, then there’s no doubt that you’re also concerned about your businesses website’s position on the internet.

Search engine optimization, metatags, online newsletters, target keywords, social bookmarking sites, web traffic- these are all terms often used in online marketing. However, while it is true that online marketing is very important to the success of a home based drop shipping business, there is another thing that must not be overlooked.

Offline Advertising Works Too!

We’re talking about offline promotion. Don’t forget that even though your target market surfs the internet, they do not spend all their time online. Some of your potential customers may not even be aware of your online existence. Consider the following offline marketing techniques to increase your  dropshipping business:

Business Cards and Letterhead . Although a paperless office is being introduced in our society, the oldest and most trusted marketing tactic is still done with paper. Every paper with the URL to your website printed on it is a way to advertise your online business. How would people find your website if they don’t know where to go? Make sure that your company’s web address is included in your business cards, letterheads, invoices, receipts, fax sheets, labels, order forms, etc.

Promotional Items. Whenever you give away freebies to your customers, make sure that your website is included on the item itself. Whether you’re give away t-shirts, caps, coffee mugs, umbrella, pens, paper weights, key chains, calendars, stickers and other stuff, put your website where more people can see it.

Post card marketing. This is another great way to promote your dropshipping business in the offline world. Sending out post cards enable you to send out messages with a more personal touch. If your target is mostly made up of moms or housewives, many of them would appreciate post cards better than online ads.

You can use post cards to act as discount coupons at the same time. Offering discounts is tried and tested method of convincing interested customers to actually make the purchase. Customers can simply bring the post card when they buy from your store to avail of the discount. It is also an easy way to track the result of your marketing campaign.

Flyers. Distributing flyers is another way to let the world know about your business and your drop shipping company’s website. Many successful businesses still use this old promotional tactic despite the popularity of internet obviously because it still proves to be effective.

Sponsoring Local Events.  Get involved in your community!  Sponsor a local sports team.  Even if you just buy pizza for the teams, make sure you pass out your business cards to the parents.  Tape “sponsored by” flyers on the pizza boxes.  Create a large banner that the team can use w/ their team name and a “sponsored by” tag line for you!  Not only are doing good for your community, but your prospective clients are associating your business with that good work!
The power of ‘word of mouth’. A free way to promote your online store or your drop shipping business offline is through word of mouth. Don’t be afraid to spread the word. Start with your family, friends and acquaintances. Ask people to check out your website. Don’t hesitate to ask for endorsements. When a customer makes a purchase, ask them to recommend you their family and friends. If you’re confident about the products and services you offer, this should be easy.

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12 thoughts on “Promote Your Online Drop Shipping Business Offline

  1. Absolutely, there are a surprising amount of people who have the “build it and they will come2 idea, and feel that opening an online store will be a quick business boost, you have to put a lot of effort into getting your site up and running

  2. Thanks for sharing your views with special focus on offline advertising works tool. All the techniques you have recommended in your post are quite effective and helps a lot in promoting Online Drop Shipping Business.

  3. I really think that offline marketing is as important as online marketing. I have tried neglecting the offline marketing when I was in the middle of my business. But then some clients where asking if I have flyers they can give their friends or relatives. I am into cake designing. That’s when I realized my mistake. We have to also put effort in marketing our business offline for it has advantages as well. thanks for this article. Serves as a reminder.

  4. Thanks for the interesting post. I used to be a powerseller on ebay and sold dvd box sets. At first I shipped the items myself but later used drop shipping using an FTP database to have my order shipped. I would tell people to use drop shipping on products people want which are not flooded on ebay.

  5. For a lot of people, drop shipping can seem like a perfect solution to start an internet business. While drop shipping has its place in the world, there have been many myths associated with it.

  6. Wow, great ideas you have here. And I must agree, of all the techniques in making money online, drop shipping has the best potentials to succeed both on and offline.

  7. Setting up an ecommerce store is easy, its the search engine optimization work for your site that you need to do once you are set up that is never ending.

    Its worth all the effort that you put in though as the results should be more sales.

  8. I have noticed that to really promote a business online, you need to have lots of people seeing your site everyday, because lots of the times, like only 1 in 100 people are interested.

  9. the drop ship directory has always been one of the more online drop shipping businesses. I know as I used them when I was involved in selling things online many years back. This article also gives some great offline tips so please take them seriously and dont try to reinvent the wheel.

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