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The eBay Seller’s Guide to Writing Effective Product Descriptions

writing product descriptions

Aside from a good photo shot and a catchy title, an eBay item needs a good description in order to be sold. If you’re an eBay seller, the product description is an important factor in your listing that must never be overlooked. Let’s discuss why effective descriptions are important and how you can write better ones for your listing.

Product Descriptions Encourage Your Prospects to Buy

Interested buyers will often click on a photo or a title that sparks their curiosity. However, once the item has been clicked on, a person can decide whether to place a bid on the item or disregard the item based on the description. Ask yourself:

  •  If I were a buyer, what things would I like to know about a product?
  •  What specific attribute of the item will move me to actually place a bid on it?

These are two essential questions that you should consider before writing a description. Remember, a prospective buyer would bid according to what he / she feels the  item is worth.

Long time eBay sellers know that they  have only a few seconds to capture their visitors business.  They know many bidders don’t come back if they don’t bid that first time they visit the page.   Once they check out the description page, a buyer often decides immediately whether to place or not. Therefore, how you describe your sale items can make or break a deal.

Tips To Writing Effective Product Descriptions

When writing product descriptions, what important factors should you remember? Below are some tips:

  • Be detailed. Naturally, a prospective buyer would want to know everything about the product on sale. Since the buyer can only view a snapshot of the item, much of the decision will depend on the buyer’s perception of the item. This is why you need to make an accurate description of what you’re trying to sell.
  • Don’t omit obvious details. Even the littlest and most obvious details such as the color or shape of an item should be included in your description.
  • Don’t try to cover up flaws. Is there a slight defect or flaw with the item you’re selling? If yes, you should disclose it in your description. This is especially true if you’re selling an old or used item on sale. Don’t think that you can hide the truth from your buyer. Once a buyer receives the item and discovers a flaw that you failed to disclose, your buyer will feel tricked and disappointed. You can expect to get a bad review from this customer. Even just one negative feedback can badly affect your overall rating and reputation.
  • Incorporate keywords in your descriptions. Use keywords along with your descriptions to allow search engines to pick up your listing as well. This way, people who try to search through a search engine can easily find your store.
  • Use adjectives. The right adjectives can make your description more appealing and a breeze to read.
  • Specify the terms of sale. Most importantly, don’t forget to include the actual terms of the sale such as the shipping costs, the types of payment accepted, the estimated time of delivery, the shipping service you’ll use, etc.

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