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Why An eBay Seller Should Buy on eBay

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eBay is a place where buyers and sellers meet online and make transactions. As an eBay seller, being part of the community means not just selling your own stuff but being a customer as well. In this article, let’s talk about how buyers can affect your reputation as a seller and how purchasing on eBay can boost your sales.

Customer Feedback and Detailed Seller Ratings
People who look for things to buy on eBay often base their choices on the seller’s ratings. All buyers are encouraged to participate by giving feedback about the seller’s products and quality of service. Aside from posting comments, buyers provide anonymous ratings based on several criteria. This is known as the eBay Detailed Seller Ratings or DSR.  Buyers will be giving their personal ratings by considering the following questions:

  • Did the item meet your expectations and was it as described in the auction listing?
  • Did the seller email you after the auction, or did you have to contact them? What was their general communication with you like?
  • How long did it take for your item to arrive?
  • Were the shipping and handling charges fair?
  • How did you react to the way the item was packed for shipping?
  • Were you pleased with the overall level of customer service?

To get a good or an excellent score, a seller must ensure 100% customer satisfaction. It’s very important that the items you sell meet the expectations of your buyer. False expectations or misleading ads can be avoided by providing a detailed and accurate description in your listing. Don’t skip the most important details about the item, especially if it has minor flaws or defects.

You should also make sure that order will be delivered on time and that the item will arrive in good condition.  To avoid getting inaccurate ratings, it is best to get in touch with your buyer not only before the sale but after the sale has been made. Ask your buyer if they received the item on time and if they have any concerns at all about the transaction. By doing so, you can try to make arrangements before your customer puts out a negative feedback or a bad rating which can badly hurt your credibility as a seller.

It’s Your Turn to Rate Other Sellers
Knowing what it’s like to choose products and what it’s like to deal with a seller will give you a better understanding on what buyers go through. In response, you can improve your own services based on what you observed and experienced.
Yes, eBay sellers are encouraged to participate in the buying transactions. In fact, the PowerSellers of ebay are known to show full support to their fellow eBay sellers by making purchases from them time and again.

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