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How to Start Selling on eBay

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Getting Started Selling Items On Ebay

It is inspiring to learn that some of the most successful internet merchants today started out from selling small on eBay. Would you like to have your own online business? If yes, then why not take the first step by selling on eBay? If you’re not familiar with how it works, here is a practical guide for you:

Start small. You don’t have to invest big money to be an online seller. Many people on eBay sell second- hand items found from thrift shops or flea markets. Some people sell their own personal belongings that they do not use any longer.  

Build up a good rating. Achieving good rating is every eBay seller’s goal. Buyers often purchase only from top rated sellers to avoid getting ripped off. To get a top rating, you should make sure that all the items in your store are worth buying. Do not overprice and make sure that you can get the orders delivered on time.

Buy from eBay. An eBay seller must be supportive of the community by purchasing from other sellers. By being a customer, you can give your own feedback and you can get rated as a buyer at the same. Enjoying positive feedback both as a seller and a buyer is the way to build a good reputation.

Use a secured method of payment. 99% of eBay customers use PayPal for their purchases. Most people do not want to reveal their credit card information and will only pay through a secured payment system like PayPal.

Be honest. Although items can only be seen from the internet, a seller must never try to play tricks on customers. If the item you’re selling has a scratch or a slight flaw, it’s best to point that out in your product description. Price your product reasonably so there’s no need to hide the flaws. By being honest, people can see that you are a seller worthy of their trust.

Establish good customer relationships. Building a good relationship with every buyer you encounter is very important. First, you want them to leave a positive feedback. Second, a customer who bought once and was happy about the purchase is more likely to buy again from the same seller.

Be punctual in shipping your items to customers.  Nothing makes customers happier than getting their items fast!  Make sure you have several shipping options available.   That way if they want it faster they can pay the extra required for overnight or 2nd day shipping.

Encourage your customers to provide feedback.  The more positive feedback you get, the more successful you will be.  If you have represented your product accurately and you shipped it promptly, they should be willing to leave  you a positive review.  Follow up with them to make sure they received the item and ask for a positive review.  If they don’t leave one at that time, follow up w/ them with not just a request for positive feedback, but invite them back to your ebay store to see your new items.    DON’T ABUSE THEIR EMAIL ADDRESS.  If they don’t respond again, send them one last email thanking them for their business and telling them you hope to do business with them again in the future.

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