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Advertise Your Online Business Through Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Why Content Marketing Should Be A Big Part Of Your Online Marketing Plan

Every internet marketer wants to generate huge web traffic.  If you’re in a home based dropshipping business, web traffic is crucial.  When more people visit your website each day, you increase the likelihood that you will obtain a  new customers and make more sales. The question is, how do you direct targeted traffic to your eCommerce site?

There are many ways to achieve targeted web traffic and one of them is through content marketing. By  creating great content, you will create a following that is eager for more and will likely buy from you in the future.  Also it will make you look like an expert in your field.

Content Marketing Isn’t Just Articles Anymore

Internet users use keywords to look for information on the web.  Interested buyers often search the web first to compare merchants and prices.  It used to be just creating a lot of articles around your keywords would generate traffic.  But now  you need to make sure you are getting your message out to your prospective buyers thru muliple channels.  That’s where a successful content marketing campaign will come into play.

Different Types of Content

  • Articles
  • Podcast
  • Infographics
  • Videos
  • Memes…just to name a few!

With social media playing a HUGE part in marketing.  Creating content in different formats is essential.

Providing your prospective customers with quality information is the best way to establish brand or name recognition.  Even if they don’t plan to buy your product or use your services at the moment, they become aware that your company exists on the web.  If they enjoyed what they read, they can bookmark your site and revisit you when they’re ready to make the purchase or when they need to hire your services.

Furthermore, creating quality content helps you build stronger business relationships with your clients. Instead of purely advertising your products and services, you are sharing valuable information to your prospects.

Why Well Written Content Is So Effective

It is interesting to note that advertising banners tend to annoy internet users. Ad blockers are becoming a standard web plugin.  When they see too many ads on a site, they could immediately close their browsers or switch to a different page.  On the other hand, if your website contains interesting content, more people are enticed to stay longer on your page, read your articles, and learn new information.

Yes, writing articles is still the main standard.  But making sure you take that content and put it into different formats is a MUST.  Not everyone loves to read!  So make sure you create a video and a podcast so your visitors can view your content the way they like to!   If you aren’t creating content in different formats , you could be missing a great opportunity.

“But I’m Not A Writer!”

What if you’re not really into writing?  Can you still use this marketing tactic?  The answer is yes.  Many home based business entrepreneurs hire freelance writers to write articles on their behalf.   You can visit sites like fiverr.com and find writers, voice actors and people who will take your content and create videos.   Creating content can also be a very time-consuming task.  By outsourcing parts of it, you will not only save time, but in the long run make more money!

Whether you choose to create your own content or hire freelancers, make sure that everything you post is original and contains quality information. Make sure your content does not contain typos, grammatical errors, incorrect details or misinformation.

Don’t settle for less just so you can have content to put up on your site.  Remember, the content you publish represents your home based business.  If your readers decide that your articles are a waste of their time, it would send out a very negative impression.  On the contrary, well-written content would engage your audience and create fans of your business!

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8 thoughts on “Advertise Your Online Business Through Content Marketing

  1. I think the #1 excuse of “I don’t write” has to be the lamest one of them all.

    Just take the next 5 minutes looking through any one of the dozens of freelance sites to see how many qualified people are willing to write for you…and will do a good job too!

    A little “open-mindedness” will go a long way in any biz.

  2. I wonder whether we could use these kinds of tactics now also.I personally feel that its like losing ones privacy by making it a business.

  3. Internet has made so many marketing strategies possible. There are blogs, SEO, newsletter, sites etc. And now, even through articles. Articles that have so much infos and tips have been on the web. And it’s a god thing because it doesn’t only advertise the business but it also helps others. Thanks.

  4. Article writing is a good way to get Google trust rank for your site. In other words, posting articles will make your site an authority on a subject. However, search engine optimization should be the main goal. Both ways are good for free traffic.

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