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Creative Ways to Successfully Sell Your Back-End Products Online

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A successful online retail business needs an effective sales strategy. One marketing strategy that every business owner needs to do is called back-end products selling. What is it and why is it important?

Defining Back-End Products Selling

What is back-end product selling? It is when you try to sell other products to a customer who has recently purchased one of your products. Back-end product selling is very important especially for online retailers.

Obviously, someone who has bought your products before has shown an  interest in what you offer.   As long as you handled the initial sale in a professional manner,  getting an existing customer to buy your other products should not be as hard as trying to convince someone who has never tried any of your products yet.

Make That Back-End Sale More Easily

How can you effectively sell back-end products to your customers? Here are some tips:

  • Focus On The Quality Of Your Products. The first thing is to make sure about the quality of the products you’re selling. See to it that your customers will not find any reason to regret their purchase. Make sure your clients get their product in perfect condition and as quickly as possible.
  • Include A Product Catalog With Each Order. Include an extra brochure in the package of the products your customer ordered. The brochure should include other products you also offer and their benefits.
  • Create A Strong Membership Program.  If you sell a perishable item, create a strong membership program around it.  Once they have set up their membership with you, they can sign up for auto shipment, get discounted pricing, free shipping..whatever your market research shows you that your clients want.
  • Provide a free newsletter subscription for customers. A newsletter allows you to keep in touch with your customers. This gives you the chance to keep them interested in your company and a great way to introduce your other products.
  • Send postcards. Send postcards to your customers on special occasions. A simple postcard can make a customer feel special and appreciated.
  • Create a “thank you” page on your website. This should be the page that your customers will see immediately after placing their online order. Part of the “thank you” page should be a list of your back-end products along with an incentive  that encourages your customer to try them out.
  • Include a freebie. Customers love getting something for free!   It could be a sample of another product that works well with what they just purchased, or a promotional mug, pen, or some other NICE item they can and will use that  will also advertise your business.   You want it to be something useful.  Think about how many promotional magnets you get.  Do you ever actually use them?  You want to send them something they will use and other potential clients may see.  Along with the gift, include a small card or a flyer that advertises one of your back-end products.
  • Do follow ups. Send a follow up e-mail or direct mail showing your appreciation for their support and asking feedback about the product they bought from your store. Take the opportunity to offer them other products as well. You can also ask them to be included in your mailing list for updates from your store.

These are just some suggestions on how you can attempt to offer other products to your existing customers. Keep in mind that it is very important to deliver to your promises. Obviously, it will be easier to convince customers to buy from you again if you know that your products are truly worth buying.

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