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Top 10 Tips: Selling On eBay Successfully

Many people venture into internet marketing by starting on eBay. But are there specific rules on how to sell effectively? Here are some tips that experienced eBay sellers have to share:

1)    Create a strong headline. In any marketing ad, an effective headline is one that captures the audience’s interest right away. Expect tough competition.  If your headline isn’t strong enough, you may not get attention.

2)    Use Clear Product Images. People are often influenced in their decision whether to buy or not from what they see on the screen. Even if you have great products, if they are not clearly depicted in the photos, you will not attract buyers.

In fact, sellers who do not post images of their products often do not get as much attention from buyers as those who post pictures. Include several shots and close up views of the product.

3)    Put your product’s photo beside your headline.
If you want your ad to stand out from the list, you need to include a clear image of your product right by your headline.

4)    Use your own sales copy. If you want to convince customers to buy, create your own original sales copy. Don’t be tempted to use sales copies that other sellers use. Be creative. Take the time to create your own and it will be worth it.

5)    Update your profile. Trying to be an anonymous seller rarely invites people. It makes you seem suspicious. Leave a personal message. Tell your customers why you’re selling those products, how long you’ve been selling, what makes your products different from others, etc. Including your personal photo and providing some details about you enables customers to see you as a real person

6)    Why do you sell at a lower price? If you’re selling products at a much lower price than everyone else on eBay, it would be best to let everyone know why you can afford to cut down your price or else buyers will get the impression that there’s something fishy about it.

7)    Be honest. Don’t try to hide flaws if your products have them. People know that most products sold on eBay are not new so it’s okay if they are not perfect as long as they are priced appropriately.

Admitting flaws and being open about it helps build trust in people. If you keep misleading your customers about the real quality of your products, they will surely give you a bad review and will never buy again from you.

8)    Use PayPal. Many buyers are hesitant to buy online unless using PayPal. Accepting payments through PayPal will make your customers confident about making a purchase.

9)    Set a fair price. Know how your competitors price their products. Don’t be afraid to give a low starting bid price to attract more customers. If you can offer free shipment, you’ll surely get more buyers.

10)    Take care of your image. eBay customers largely depend on the star rating of the seller. If you have a low star rating, people may think that you are not a worthy seller.

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