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Your Guide to Finding a Trusted Wholesale Dropshipper

One of the most crucial tasks in starting an online dropshipping business is finding the right wholesale dropshipper to partner with. There are many legitimate Wholesale Dropship Suppliers in the market but there are many illegal dropshippers and scammers as well.

If you want to get the lowest possible price for your purchases, you need to partner directly with a Wholesale Supplier. So how do you know that you’ve found the right one?

Consider the following tips on evaluating a trustworthy Wholesale Dropshipper:

Use a Dropshipping Directory.
When in search of wholesalers, it is best to use a real dropshipping directory than online search engines. Although there may exist a few legitimate Wholesale Dropshippers online, it would be very difficult to identify them from the fake ones.

Legitimate dropship suppliers do not advertise their services over the internet.
You are most likely to contact middleman scammers especially if you’re not familiar with the trade. To avoid getting scammed and wasting your time dealing with the wrong people, use a dropshipping directory from a reliable source.

Learn everything about dropshipping.
You will need to do more than just a few readings to really understand the ins and outs of a dropshipping business. Nevertheless, being knowledgeable will protect you from being victimized by scammers.

Successful dropshipping greatly depends on using online marketing tools effective, partnering with a reliable dropshipper, selling high quality products, and making sure that customer orders are delivered on time.

Conduct marketing studies. Before plunging into a dropshipping business, market research must be conducted. What kind of products do you plan to sell? Who is your target market?  Who are your competitors? How do you plan to promote the products? Do not simply make a decision based upon the trends. Always consider the long term possibilities of the business.

Provide quality service.
Customer satisfaction is very important for any kind of business. You need to really understand the products you are selling. Before dealing with a Wholesale Supplier, ask samples of the products so you can use them firsthand. If you know that your products are worth buying, it will be easier to convince other people to purchase.

Make your customers feel important. The secret to building good and lasting customer relationship is to give your customers the best treatment at all times. Apart from effective advertisements, never underestimate the power of word-of-mouth. Happy customers will surely come back to do business with you and you will stay on top of the market.

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  1. It is really difficult to find suppliers whom you can really trust. I agree that those people who advertise are not legitimate dropship suppliers.. Most of them are really middlemen and they charge higher. Thanks.. You are helping other dropshippers learn more..

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