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Choosing The Right Shopping Cart for Your Dropship Store

If you have decided to start drop ship retail business, one of the most important aspects you must consider is your online store. Using the right shopping cart will make a big difference on how your customers will react when they place an order from your shop.

Let’s discuss the key factors that you need to look for when choosing your shopping cart software:

Third party shopping cart? You can accept online orders using a third party shopping cart service for a monthly fee. Although installing your own shopping cart on your website may cost more, you can save money in the long run because there will be no monthly fees to pay.

Secured Socket Layers.
Make sure that your shopping cart system is equipped with at least 128-bit SSL certificate to protect your business as well as your customers from fraud and ID theft.

Payment Gateway Types. There are many payment gateways used to process different credit cards. It is very important to make sure that your cart software supports the payment gateway systems that are most commonly used by credit cardholders.

There are shopping carts that allow customers to simply place items in the cart while browsing the site and review the items before check-out. If they change their mind and want to add more, they can switch to a page without losing the items that are already added in their cart. If they want to remove an item, they can just click on the remove button and proceed.

Database Compatibility. See to it that your shopping cart system will work well with the database you use for your products listing. If not, you may have to manually add up each item or product which is very inconvenient.

Technical Support. Make sure that your shopping cart provider gives 24/7 support particularly in addressing technical issues. If this is your first time to try out online retailing or internet marketing, you will need all the help you can get whether you are using an installed shopping cart system or a third party service.

The Design. A well-designed shopping cart can truly enhance your business website. Not only will it lend a professional look to your online shop, customers will feel more confident in placing an order.

Additional Features.
There are shopping cart software that includes features that can enhance your marketing performance. Having an autoresponder to send out thank-you emails is an effective way to show your appreciation to your customers.

Payment Process Compatibility. Check from your Merchant Account provider if your preferred shopping cart is compatible with their payment processing system. If you are using a Third Party processing service, ask if they can integrate the shopping cart software with their system.

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  1. A reliable shopping cart software is really important. It is part of the processing of orders. I remember being in this one site wherein I was ordering a book and it took me 3hours before I could finally place the order. I can’t seem to reach their customer service hotline as well. just wanted to share my experience. Thanks.

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