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Are you using Social Marketing?

If you are working online, then I’m sure you have been hearing about social networking. Why bother with sites like twitter.com , myspace.com and other networks? Its a great place for your customers and potential customers to get to know you! If you use your networks correctly you can build a loyal following.

Should you use services to build your social sites? I would have to say no. Social sites should reflect who you are! A service that churns out hundreds of sites for other companies tend to be very general and not that engaging.

We are just getting into social marketing so we will be posting our findings here. Soon you will even be able to read our “tweets” here!

Are you currently using social marketing? Care to share your findings?

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1 thought on “Are you using Social Marketing?

  1. I haven’t used social marketing.. But I’ll be trying to research more on this.. And I’ll be looking forward on seeing your “tweet” here.. I have been checking this site for some time now and I really love the articles. Keep it up..

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