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On Finding The Right Niche for Your Online Retail Business

niche marketing

What is niche marketing? Niche marketing is focusing your marketing strategies to a specific group of people.  Finding a niche means knowing what this particular market wants.

Businesses that focus on niche marketing provide unique products or services that are especially made for that particular group of people.  


Benefits of Niche Marketing

If you’re running a small drop shipping business, it will be difficult to compete with large corporations in the industry that offers the same products and services that you do.  This is especially true if your competitors are big names in the market and havr been around for many years.  They have already established a solid reputation which can be very hard to overtake especially if your company has just started.  However, this does not mean that your business will fail.

As a small business, you need to have a focus, a target market or a niche.  How can you do that?  Of course, you need to find your niche market or your potential market.  Who are these people?  You cannot be marketing your products or service to the general public.  You need to know who has the most potential to buy your products and services.  Finding out your niche is the first step in niche marketing.

Understanding Your Niche Market

After you have defined your niche market, you need to conduct a study about what your target market wants that is not yet being offered.   Or think about what unique product or service can you offer this group.

For example, if your competitor is a leading manufacturer for the whole state, your niche market may prefer to buy locally at a lesser price.  Also if your competitor is selling products in a limited choice of colors or varieties, perhaps you can offer more choices on the products you sell.

It is important to carefully examine your options.  Conduct your own survey and ask questions. Don’t forget to observe how survey participants view your competitors.  More importantly, take into account the location of your prospective niche market.

Take note of the results of these surveys.  Use graphical representations if possible.  Based on these results, you can find ideas on how you can provide the appropriate product or service to your niche market.  Make sure that you concentrate on the specific needs of a specific group of people.

Aside from studying your niche market, don’t forget to pay attention to your own strengths.  Ask from your existing customers what they particularly like about your product or your service.  Encourage them to give their honest opinion about your business.  Also, get their point of view or suggestion about how you can improve your services.

If it’s not possible to create your own unique product, you can still provide a service that is distinctively your own.  Moreover, be aware of your strong points and make sure that you maintain the outstanding quality of the products and services you offer.  Lastly, if you think you’ve found the right niche market, it’s best to conduct an initial trial selling period using the new product or service you will offer.

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2 thoughts on “On Finding The Right Niche for Your Online Retail Business

  1. It is really difficult to start a business especially when there are a lot of big companies offering the same product or services as you do. But as they say, you need to start from scratch. and finding your niche market as well as understanding their needs is one way of starting. Once you have established a name for your company then that’s the time to make it big. Time, money and a lot of effort and hardwork is really needed.

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