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Finding a Reliable Dropship Wholesaler

If you’re in a buy and sell business and is thinking about expansion, have you thought about partnering with a dropship wholesaler? If you haven’t considered the possibility, here are the benefits that you can enjoy from drop shipping:

• Cut inventory costs.
Instead of doing the inventory yourself, the task is done by your dropshipping company. You don’t have to rent or lease a storage space. And because you are purchasing wholesale merchandise, you can enjoy lower prices from your drop ship wholesaler.
• Cut your shipping costs. Paying for the delivery costs of your shipment can add up to your expenses. On the contrary, your dropship wholesaler takes care of the shipping so you can get even more savings.

• Enjoy faster deliveries.
Having a dropshipper to partner with can speed up the delivery of your customer orders. Who doesn’t want to get their orders at the soonest possible time? Naturally, being able to deliver your goods more quickly gives you the edge over your competitors.

• Simplify your tasks.
Managing a business can be difficult and stressful. Dropshipping enables you to focus on your marketing tasks without having to worry about the actual selling and delivery of the products.

Finding A Reliable Dropship WholeSaler – the Challenge
Is it easy to find a dropshipping company that can be trusted? With so many companies offering dropshipping services, choosing the right one can be a tough challenge. The only way you can make the right choice is if you take the time doing your research.

Use the internet to find the information you need. Attend trade shows and exhibits. Use business-to-business dropship directories. Check the background and reputation of each dropshipping company you’re considering. You can also check from the Better Business Bureau if a particular dropshipping company has received complaints from its past and present clients.

Another way to find out more about a dropshipping company’s services is to ask around. Interview other merchants or retailers in your region. If they’re using dropshipping services, which company are they in partner with? What can they say about their dropshipping wholesaler? Are the satisfied with its services? Would they recommend it to other entrepreneurs?

True, you can’t answer these questions if you won’t do your homework. However, spending time in researching and comparing companies is better than making the wrong choice. Otherwise, partnering with the wrong dropshipper can badly reflect on your business.
Remember, you’ll want a drop ship wholesaler who can deliver its promises. The ideal drop shipping company should not only demand reasonable fees. It should also be able to guarantee the high quality of the products you’ll be selling. More importantly, they should be able to guarantee the safety of the shipment of your customer orders.

Finally, once you’ve made the choice, make sure that you clearly understand the Terms and Conditions of your dropship wholesaler. Carefully review your contract and be particularly aware of the fees and costs of the dropshipping services. Make sure that are no vague clauses or missing lines in your contract where additional words or sentences can be added after you’ve signed the document.

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6 thoughts on “Finding a Reliable Dropship Wholesaler

  1. Yes – using dropshippers can ‘make’ or ‘break’ your business.

    In business your reputation is everything, so it is important you choose carefully who you partner up with.

    Thanks for your articles. It was a great read!


    David Taylortown

  2. All manufacturers and wholesales will drop ship if you have a good relationship with them. YOU will develop that relationship by
    sending them orders frequently, or have your web site connected to
    both them and you, for control purposes.

    Drop shipping is only one component of a business.

  3. Im trying to get my droppshipping business up and running right now but im having trouble getting my products seen…Im researching different dropshipping options and I am trying different marketing approaches..thanks for the great post about dropshipping

  4. Before I didn’t do researches much when it comes to my small business. I thought getting a partner in one of those directories was just fine.. But then I was scammed once. And that made me more careful in picking the partners to deal with. Just beware of scammers. Thanks..

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