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Budget SAVING Tips for Homebased Dropshipping Business Advertising

Setting aside a separate budget to promote your home based dropshipping business is an important step. Of course, you need advertising to promote the products you’re selling. But what if you’re on a limited budget? Below are practical tips on how a new dropship product retailer can save from the costs of business advertising:

Don’t try out everything.

There is broad range of advertising methods (radio & newspaper ads, Pay-per-click ads, online banners, direct mail, etc.) that you can choose from. Though many large companies can afford to use all these methods at the same time, it isn’t practicable to try out everything all at once. It is better to choose one or two marketing methods that work best for your business and concentrate on those tactics to generate positive results.

Try out free advertising.

Don’t shrug off free marketing tools that you can find on the web. What’s great about online advertising is that most of the tools you can get are much cheaper and you can even find some that are free. Examples of no-cost online marketing tools that you can use to promote your dropshipping business are social bookmarking sites, forums, search engines, article directories, press release websites, blogs, etc. These venues allow you to reach out to your target market without spending big on advertising.

Advertise to your target audience.

It is crucial that your marketing campaigns reach out to your target audience or niche market. Therefore, before launching any type of advertising campaign, make sure that you have a precise definition of your target market.

Don’t forget to advertise offline.

Even if you intend to sell your products online, don’t forget the power of offline advertising. Start with your friends and family. Ask them to spread the word about your online shop and the products you offer. You can also build your list of prospects by asking referrals or recommendations from your customers or from the people you know.

Track the results of your advertising.

Every business owner must keep track of the results regardless of what type of advertising method is used. For online marketing campaigns, you may need to monitor your results after at least a month or two to really see whether or not that particular method works well for your dropshipping business. If not, you may need to try out other tactics that are more suited to the business you do.

Don’t try to sell all your products and services.

Focus is very important no matter what type of marketing method you use. Trying to sell everything you offer may prove to be ineffective. On the other hand, focusing on just one product and its benefits will help convince your prospects to try out what you’re selling.

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4 thoughts on “Budget SAVING Tips for Homebased Dropshipping Business Advertising

  1. The advise about targeting and reaching the right audience is very true. Most marketing campaigns fail to meet their desired goal because of wrong market segmentation.

  2. My brother has a dropshipping business. It’s still a small business actually. One time he tried selling more items which eventually made him lose focus on his other products. Until he started reading articles from this site and he got ideas that helped him a lot. And now I am trying to help in his business by researching for more ideas and I have been a constant reader of the site. Thanks for the ideas and tips.

  3. Sometimes we have customers that would ask for a product that we don’t offer. And then because this customer is a good one and we want to impress him, we tend to grant his request to look for the product. Well, that is not a bad thing. But we have to research first before we say yes. We have to sort things out. Is it worth it? Don’t lose focus.

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